1. Could use a haircut.


  2. / personal / I am a rock gathering moss / Keep children away from this terrifying visage

  3. Obligatory periodic selfie. Apparently I am still alive. Or perhaps I have been replaced by a state sponsored simulacrum incapable of processing life. Please excuse unkempt self and decaying room. Pretend there is a cat.


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  7. Finally got desktop monitor replacement. No more reboot loops with ancient laptop.


  8. / personal

  9. I remember when I was thirteen I had a printout of the Greek Pantheon between a plastic cover and my desk in class (the reference card from the computer game Zeus: Master of Olympus). Once when the teacher had the class shuffle seats a rather pious classmate flung the thing at me before I could take it out myself. Guess she hated polytheism.


  10. / personal / I turned down the chance to speak about Persephone and the changing of seasons in front of the school / Some guy talked about bugs instead / Presbyterian school so you know

  11. Monitor’s lines of dead pixels turned into epileptic flashing with warped display. Now back on old laptop. Dies occasionally. Guess I have to make do before I can justify a new purchase.


  12. / personal / Maybe I should sell it as a horror film prop

  13. June First. Sprained ankle but due to said misfortune met a person of interest. Something of a history lesson. Sat or rather laid down in ambulance. Awkward fuss. Young doctor judged unlikely that anything was broken. No trip to the hospital for exposure to radiation. Good news in itself as uninsured. Given almost moldy looking paracetamol tablets in a plastic bag. Hastily scrawled note. Typically illegible. Limped the way out for a cab to curious stares. Handed two tens and received three twos from driver. Wallet left considerably emptier. Had fare rounded down 44 cents because the old bloke liked the conversation. Something about divergent viewpoints. Escalator wit upon closing door. More limping.


  14. / personal

  15. Guess who sprained his ankle during a physical test?


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  18. / personal / I look like a creep / periodic picture to prove I am not in fact dead

  19. Haircut. I suppose at least now I don’t have to brush hair out of my eyes.


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  23. A decade ago when I was in hospital and they shifted me to semi-solid foods, they minced the stuff into mush. I still had my nasogastric (nose to stomach) tube in then. I mouthed in a spoonful of green mush thinking it to be celery. It turned out to be broccoli instead. I gagged. Then back up it came, together with the end of the tube, so I had both ends in my face. In from the nose, out through the mouth. I hope you weren’t hungry. 


  24. / Personal / That's a considerably mild memory / Also fuck broccoli

  25. Witching hour. My temporal hearing loss from an awesome outdoor concert featuring Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is beginning to clear up. 


  26. / personal / I look like a dishevelled slob / A dishevelled slob deprived of alcohol

  27. Unfortunate reinforcement of tiny eyes stereotype.


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